18 Remote Job Interview Questions You NEED to Answer

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Employees who spend 3-4 days working remotely are about 11% more engaged than their in-office peers, resulting in higher productivity and lower turnover. Whether or not the candidate gets the job, follow up with them in a timely manner to show that you respect their time, while also gathering strategic insights that improve your hiring. Share remote interview meaning tips for establishing a relationship with a candidate, such as designating a few minutes for small talk at the start of an interview, and smiling and nodding to show interest. Ideally, interviewers should find a quiet, well-lit space where they’re unlikely to be disturbed, and have an uncluttered background and strong Wi-Fi connection.

On the Skillcrush team, we love sharing our Google calendars so you kind of have to be on board with that. The same holds up with other companies and their preferred apps and platforms. Also, asking this question will reveal whether or not a candidate has put a lot of thought into organization, and in remote life, organization is a must. Before every dream job, there’s a terrifying perfectly doable job interview. And interviews for remote jobs come with their own set of pitfalls.

Is Tech Right For You?

This will mean you are only interviewing top performers and will not need to waste precious time trying to discover if they have the skills necessary to do the job. This question puts into perspective the candidate’s interest in working. You can see if they’re motivated to build for the long term and can plan for a long term goal.

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Remote interviews can occur between two studios, between a studio and temporary field location, or between two field locations. Below are sample questions for each step to helping assess remote-specific skills and how they best fit into the role and company culture. Give candidates a positive impression and prevent potential delays by testing your videoconferencing software and equipment ahead of time.

After the remote interview

We ask candidates to complete a take-home exercise, so we get a chance to see how people solve problems and approach your work. This exercise will be followed up with a 30 minute review call with the technical team. They will ask exercise-related questions and walk through a debrief of what decisions were made, and how they came to those decisions. Candidates then have a chance to ask questions of the technical team, and dig into how we solve problems and work together. In the past, receiving an interview invitation meant that you were one of just a few top job candidates and that your chances of securing an offer were high. However, by developing a thorough understanding of virtual interviewing, you can cultivate a mindset that will help you stand out from your competition.

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But the files need to be named and organized clearly so you’re not spreading “digital clutter” or losing track of data. We make it easy to source, evaluate and hire best-fit candidates – and quickly, too. Keep your pipeline moving with Video Interviews, a premium one-way screening tool from Workable.

What’s your experience in working with distributed teams across time-zones?

Your coworkers will understand you (and why you keep asking them to see the data) if they know how you hold all the threads together in your head. If Sally can’t operate without all of the facts, but Shana gets majorly overwhelmed when you give her more than she needs to know to complete a task, it can quickly send the whole team into shambles. So, take an honest look at what your natural rhythm is and how you’re most productive before you answer this question. https://remotemode.net/ And when you move away from your company, you gain freedom and control to plan your schedule and your work habits in a way that works for YOU. When you want to evaluate candidates, beyond written assessments, you can use virtual whiteboards that facilitate interaction, such as FreeHand and Zoom Whiteboard. Melissa Bruno, VP Head of People at Stack Overflow, reminds us that if the company is not tech-savvy, you will have to start from the basics.

  • As such, multiple rounds of virtual interviews are likely to be a part of your experience if you’re on the job hunt right now.
  • Make sure you prepare all the questions you will ask if you get the chance.
  • Try to have a quieter place for the interview as it adds to your image formation in the interviewer’s eyes.
  • This question provides a clear answer to assess if a candidate has good communication skills.

Remote Interviews are generally used in the initial stage of the recruitment process for candidate screening. Amid the Covid-19 pandemic, remote working and remote hiring have proved very much beneficial. Even with a great team behind you, you have to take care of your physical and mental health as a remote worker more than you would in a regular office gig. Like I said, it’s not easy for coworkers or bosses to notice the outward symptoms of problems.

However, it may be more difficult to do this with a remote interview. It can be harder to build a personal connection with someone when you’re not meeting in person. By conducting a remote interview, the company can get to know you without travel expenses. You are saving the company time and money by conducting a remote interview. Many companies outsource and have employees in different states or countries. This is the perfect opportunity to show them you’re willing to work remotely.